Top Quality Top Grain Leather Watch Strap Factory

Yunse We as watch strap manufacturer, only foucus on the quality of the original full grain, top grain, vegetal tan, Italian leather for our luxury watch bands.


We ponder hours upon hours on how can such details and craftmanship be contained in such a small masterpiece. From the Buckle to the leather tail, nothing escapes our trained eye.


Nothing, Except one details-the leather.




You see, a correctly chosen and tailored strap will sublimate your watch so much and in such a unique fashion – and  yet we forget about it.


We have set our mission to bring you on ly the finest straps made from the world’s finest leathers.


Whether you are in the mood for an elegant leather strap to compliment your dress watch or you are looking for a sporty Epsom leather Straps, we tailor them for you and to your  taste.


Brownse our range of luxury handmade watch straps here


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