Why Purchase Watch band wholesale Quantity?

Without an attractive, high-quality, and durable watch band, a luxurious watch is incomplete. Watch band is a suitable additional bracelet for strapping a wristwatch. Watch bands come in various materials, but as soon as you understand how to differentiate them, the easier it becomes to find the best.

If you are a business owner, opting for watch band wholesale is the best solution. It’s essential to order in MOQ to avoid compromising on the quality standards of the watch bands. In this article, you’ll learn how to purchase watch bands wholesale.

watch band wholesale

Select a watch band manufacturer

It isn’t compulsory to purchase a watch band from the same watch manufacturer in most cases. That is why; there are various watch band manufacturers to choose from. You must find a reliable watch band manufacturer when purchasing watch band wholesale. 

The watch buckle normally features a logo that will be the same on all bands. Besides, it’s not easy to buy a watch band from a watch manufacturer. There are lots of benefits that come with buying from one manufacturer. They are of high quality, same design, cost-friendly and high comfort bands. Finding their replacement parts won’t be difficult as the manufacturer always has this alternative.

Watch band Material

There are various materials used for watch bands. But, they are priced differently because of quality and performance. When selecting watch bands for your business, it’s essential to understand your customer’s preferences, the pros and cons of each material, and their maintenance. Here are the most common watch band materials

  1. Leather

Leather material is one of the most appropriate bands for consideration as it never goes out of fashion. They have different designs, styles, and sizes to meet buyers’ needs. Leather watch band’s prices vary from cheaper ones to more expensive options. Also, leather is available in various options keeping in mind that it’s obtained from animal skin like ostrich, lizard, crocodile skin and calf.

  1. Nylon watch bands

Nylon is a common material used by many watch brands. They are available in different types; therefore, some nylons like perlon tend to be different from other nylon forms. These types of straps are appealing more than metal straps. Nylon straps feature qualities like being water-resistant, comfortable, easy to clean,  durable, timeless design, and breathable than other materials.  

  1. Rubber

Rubber is one of the most common materials that can easily be found in the marker. They are the best choice when it comes to being waterproof. It’s also more comfortable, lighter than the metal watch bands, but not durable enough. They are the cheapest version of the watchband for wholesale you can find.

  1. Cloth

The most common cloth straps you will find are NATO and ZULU straps. Cloth watch bands are the most preferred due to their ease of use, stretch, lightweight, easy maintenance, adjustability, and durability. They are also available in multiple patterns and colours and are inexpensive. Unlike metal bands, it doesn’t need any special tool to adjust or change the band’s size.

watch band wholesale

Bottom line

Purchasing watch band wholesale quantity saves you money, but your product quantity and material standards won’t get compromised. Yunstraps offers customizable and high-quality wholesale watch bands. For inquiries, get in touch.



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