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Yunse Technology is China’s leading watch strap manufacturer offering custom-made watch bands. Yunse supplies leather, nylon, rubber, canvas, Zulu, and perlon watch straps across the globe. All these straps use innovative technical materials that you can opt for depending on various seasons.

With so many designer watches flooding the market, watch straps should surely fill in the gaps. Various manufacturers offer different watch bands but finding a reliable watch strap manufacturer can be difficult. Are you a business owner seeking for watch strap supplier and manufacturer? If yes, this article is for you. It’ll discuss vital consideration factors when selecting watch strap manufacturers.

watch strap manufacturer


A good watch strap manufacturer should have years of experience producing various high-quality watch straps. They should also have a proven record of working with established companies and retailers. Yunse Company has 6+ years of experience serving OEM and ODM clients meeting large volumes and design requirements.

Customized service

The purpose of a manufacturer is to design and offer customized services. Meaning the materials used have to be of high quality and easy to customize. Clients should be able to engrave their logo on the watch strap. At Yunse, you get customized services and all the watch straps listed can easily be engraved.


The material used to make a watch strap makes a watch strap manufacturer outstanding. The most common materials used in watch straps are rubber and nylon. But, there are more popular materials like Leather, Canvas, and Nato straps which are more classy and luxurious.

 You may want to select different materials depending on the seasons or one used all year round. At Yunse straps, you get to all types of watch strap materials; leather, canvas, silicone rubber, rubber, Nato, perlon, Zulu, and metal watch bands.

watch strap manufacturer


This is a vital factor of consideration, especially if you are in the retail business. It’s more convenient to purchase watch straps in MOQ. A good company offers friendly prices if ordered in large quantities.

More so, the prices of these straps entirely vary because of the materials used. It’s because some materials are more durable, weather, wear and tear, and water-resistant than others. For instance, leather straps are more expensive than nylon straps.


It’s also another vital factor of consideration as it determines performance and fitness. Some manufacturers make straps without buckles. This means you will have to spend an extra amount to purchase a buckle.

Conversely, your standard buckle may need replacement with one that matches your watch case. Most buckles are either stainless steel or brushed. But you can get others of rose gold, gold, and black. All Yunse straps have steel buckles, and you won’t be charged extra for them.

The best watch strap manufacturer provides you with high-quality, multiple-colored, versatile, and cost-friendly watch straps. Yunse straps are best for all types of watches, and you also find a good collection for Apple Watch. For inquiries, Contact us!




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