10 Best Watch Bands Material

10 Best Watch Bands Material

Watchbands play a vital role in the looks of a watch. But, there are so many types of watch bands to consider, which one should you choose? When selecting the best watch bands, it’s best to select a durable watch strap that remains attractive throughout the years. So, when selecting the best watch bands, the material remains the main aspect. Generally, functionality and look are essential features to always look at for satisfaction.

There are various materials to select your watch band from. Here is detailed information about the best watch bands for consideration and their quality.

Leather watch bands

Leather is known to be the most durable material. It’s of high quality and also environmentally friendly. All products made of leather are carefree, long-lasting, and elastic. But, there are three types of leather used;

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Faux leather

Faux leather is not real leather, but it is popular and durable because of its plastic base. This means they are not long-lasting as expected; they wear off easily. But, the best part is that faux leather is not harmful.

Genuine leather

This type of leather is more durable than faux leather and not more than full-grain leather. Its quality is also high but is sold at relatively average prices, therefore affordable.

Full-grain leather

This is the highest quality leather, the strongest, and the most durable. Most people find it difficult to differentiate between full-grain leather and genuine leather because of the same looks. Full-grain leather lasts longer than genuine leather. Yunse straps prefer this type of watch band because of these authentic features.

Leather straps complement both formal and casual styles. This means it is an excellent addition to your wear. Leather is breathable and doesn’t affect the skin. It makes it the best watch band to consider. The best part is that leather never becomes outdated, thus a good investment.

Silicone Rubber watch band

Silicone is a synthetic strap, which means that not all of them are plain rubber. Silicone rubber watch bands are comfortable and resistant to moisture. Some models are even infused with a pleasant smell and are antibacterial. Silicone bands are comfortable and also available in various colors. The best thing about silicone is its elasticity. They have high tensile strength, so it’s best not to overstretch them.

Generally, silicone rubber bands are fashionable, smooth, soft, and perfect for winter. Other characteristics include its high durability  and ease to bent and deform immeditaely thus recovering from anti tear degreeIf used during summer, it can sweat because silicone can easily get damaged and is difficult to recover. The best way to maintain this strap is by keeping them dry or ventilating.

Nylon Watchbands

Nylon is one of the most common materials used in watch bands. Nylon straps origin dates back to the military origin, showcasing how tough and rugged they are. Though many people don’t consider nylon their first choice, it’s amongst the best watch bands materials.

Nylon bands are durable, water-resistant, comfortable, timeless in design, and the most breathable material. These characteristics make it suitable for use during warmer seasons. Besides, they are easy to clean, sturdy, and soft to the skin. They are available in different colors and are Ultra-casual.

Canvas watch bands

Many confuse canvas and nylon, but they are a bit different. Canvas tends to have a similar feel and style to nylon bands. But, the difference is that nylon is synthetic, whereas canvas is an entirely natural material. Currently, synthetic canvas fabrics are used. Yunse straps offer various colored and differently styled canvas watch bands to choose from.

Rubber watch bands

Pure rubber is one of the most popular band materials that flooded the market. They come in smartwatches, digital watches, and even some divers. If you have an active lifestyle, this is the most suitable watch band. Rubber straps are water-resistant, soft, comfortable, and breathable.

Perlon watch band

Perlon is a nylon-based (nylon 6) band suitable for hotter seasons. Perlon straps tend to be stronger than standard nylon watch bands. They are adjustable, which makes them outstanding, especially when the weather heats up. More so, if not properly chosen, it’s easy to confuse between a person and dress watch strap because of its texture and weave. For the best Perlon straps, Yunse got you covered.

The Nato Straps

NATO strap is a one-sided design. Its origin and design are attributed to the British military, and it’s one of the fastest ever growing design watch bands. The original function was to prevent a member from losing watch if the spring is loose. These bands consist of nylon webbing, three keepers, and a buckle. NATO straps are durable and rugged, making them perfect to wear with field or diver watches. It can also be a suitable dress watch strap.

Zulu Straps

Zulu straps tend to be more similar to NATO straps. The difference is that Zulu straps are more streamlined. This is also a one-piece design with no additional shorter length for webbing like NATO’s. Zulu straps use nylon webbing, same as NATO, but thicker. It’s is one of the best watch bands for those who dress casually. This is a perfect match for divers, field, and sports watches. So, if paired with any military or rugged style watch will work.

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Wooden watch band

Wooden watches have gained popularity and are becoming one of the most popular. Wooden watches are unique and environmentally friendly. The same way wooden watches are outshining, wooden watch straps are also becoming popular as they can be shaped and designed in various colors.

Other features that wooden bands are hypoallergenic, lightweight, and repels bad odor. If you have sensitive skin, this may be the best option for metal, silicone, or canvas bands.

Metal watch straps

Metal is amongst the most popular materials that many brands consider for their luxurious and ordinary watches. It’s among the best watch bands and comes in various colors, finishes, and styles. At times, you can find them in different precious metals like platinum.

When purchasing the best watch bands, considering every detail is vital. With various watch band materials to select from, it’s best to find high-quality, durable, attractive, and classy straps for your watch. If you’re searching for the best watch band to gift your kid, spouse, or friend, Yunse straps are the best. Check on the various watch band types for your watch today.




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