A Comprehensive Guide to Wrist Watch Straps

Good wrist watch straps are a vital companion to a watch. Ideally, watch straps are relatively cheaper than a new watch, so it’s cost-efficient to expand your collections rather than purchasing a new watch. Switching between different watch strap collections brings out that classy look. Besides that, with various straps collections, one can try out different combinations available, remembering that watch bands are more visible than the watch’s face.




So, as much as having various watch collections is essential, consider different wrist watch straps. Finding an authentic, reliable, and trustworthy wrist watch straps manufacturer with multiple brands in the market is necessary. June Technology Company is China’s best manufacturing partner. The company is fully committed to delivering high-quality watch bands to clients locally and internationally.


wrist watch straps


Let’s dive deeper into why Yunse chose various rubber, leather and nylon watch straps.


Wrist Watch Straps Types


Rubber watch straps


Most young brands favour this type of strap to target new users. They are modern, sporty, and associated with affordable watches like Casio. These straps have lots of benefits, with the primary being non-slip. Rubber straps are a suitable option for gym enthusiasts as they are hard wearing and don’t take the stench of sweat. Besides that, they are durable enough but not perfect for all watch types. They are kind of informal and suitable for sports watches.




Leather watch straps


Leather watch straps have a luxurious look that has become so unique because of various colour combinations, textures, and patterns. You can get hard-wearing leather-like alligators known for their conscience and bank balance, while Calfskin is soft wearing and way cheaper. There are still other leathers offering different textures.




Leather watch straps are perfect for any watch and suitable for everyday wear. The rally and cuffs styles tend to be more casual than exotic skins or simple leather. The darker the colour, the more formal the leather is. Having a variety of leather collections comes in handy if combined with other leather essentials. So, why leather wrist watch straps? They are smart and easy to wear. It works perfectly with most wears like sporty and leather essentials.




Nylon watch straps


This is one of the best wrist watch straps materials for consideration though many people underrate it. It’s perfect, especially during warmer seasons. Why warmer seasons? Nylons are timeless in design, water resistant, comfortable, durable, and breathable. More so, they are easy to clean and dry quicker. What makes it best in its capacity to survive in most situations. Nylons are very versatile, and you can select from various designs and colours available.


wrist watch straps


Bottom Line


Yunse Company is an outstanding company equipped with advanced high-precision SMT mounting lines for OEM and ODM services meeting various designs . To ensure the products are f high quality, a cleanroom environment required for production is essential, comprising of 70 experts.




The available straps produce rubber, leather, and nylon for traditional and smartwatches. We also focus on R&D to ensure that we meet our clients’ needs with quality and innovative products. Contact us for further inquiries.


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